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Title: “Cypher”

Author: roane

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 2,438

Summary: When Sherlock fails to solve a case in time, John will need to be there to pick up the pieces.

Notes: This is for reapersun, who won me in the Fuck Yeah Johnlock Fanfic author giveaway, and who gave me this utterly gorgeous piece of art as my prompt. Thanks to thisprettywren, hiddenlacuna, ardatli, greywash, and breathedout for speedy and awesome beta work and for setting me straight when I got off-track.


The ground was giving way beneath John’s feet. It felt like the pavement was crumbling away in the rain. “Yeah.” His throat ached. He felt the first bit of damp seeping through his coat, which was proving less water-resistant than advertised. It was stupid of him to keep standing out here. “Um. Don’t stay out here long, all right?” Sherlock still wouldn’t look at him. “I’ll—leave you be then.” He turned to go.

“John.” Sherlock’s voice was so soft, John nearly missed it beneath the dull roar of the rain. “I’m sorry.”

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this fic, tumblr, this fic: Darkling, I Listen

this fic omg

i just wanna lie on the floor until it updates again

i’m really emotional right now


omg this fic: Evidence of Life

it’s the kind of fic that i hate because it’s so good and gives me that intense twisting feeling in my guts because it’s just a really great fucking well crafted story and it’s tragic in so many ways but it’s still happy and it… it just gets under your skin and sticks with you, i think.

(warnings for explicit johnlock, and sherlock pretty legitimately losing his mind in some scary ways) 



Reading direction from right panel to left and up to down.

Later when Genosha’s counselors went to ask Lord Lensherr to sign treaty, they found Lord Lensherr and Xavier in a very compromising position and also questionable clothing. 

Game of Throne inspired Cherik comic. Which has nothing to do with Game of Throne. I only remember what Kurt Marko looks like in the Xmen animation, so yeah.

I ended up redoing the whole paneling so everything is rushing again T_T o well I get this out of my system now! They are more like bros, though now I look at it Erik seems more like an elder brother. 

Happy McFassy Tuesday!

We Keep Our Vows

A mini-fill on kinkmeme! :D I don’t know who OP is, but thank you!

There are also some other ficlets written by lovely people before, check through the notes! ;D



Two more bitty sketch commissions, this time for the lovely ell-dee, inspired by Once Bitten (Twice Shy) by Saucery on AO3. The fic is adorable, but try to ignore how embarrassingly invested I am about Thor being a Kuvasz instead of a Golden Retriever…

#I have Feelings about Kuvasz Thor because #…because Thor is not easily trained#like at all #he is happy and headstrong 


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Beyond Her Tequila Curls: The Ultimate Fic Rec: Eve of the Dragon Year Pt. 1 ›


So, I have been reading a handful of fics this month and because there are a lot, I just decided to have two parts for the Chinese New Year special. FYI, the Chinese New Year will be this Monday (Jan. 23, 2011).

CLICK HERE for Ultimate Fic Recs parts 1-4, Christmas special and the New Year’s…